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Serbia now has the lowest level of energy efficiency in Europe. Countries in Western Europe consume less than 100 kilowatt hours of energy per square meter per year. In our country consumption ranges from 150 to 180 kilowatt hours. It is conceivable considering that the price of a kilowatt-hour in Serbia is one of the lowest prices in Europe (does not apply to various taxes related to global warming, land pollution, air and environment in general). However, there is less conventional sources of energy, so everything is geared towards the development of technologies that harness renewable energy sources (solar energy, wind, biomass, etc.).

We offer a wide range of solar panels, batteries and technical solutions on usage of solar energy. We offer delivery and assembly of electrical equipment, as well as complete engineering. For additional information you may contact us directly by phone or email.

To exploit the electricity in the most economical way it is necessary to properly manage its consumption. With this in mind, the ATM BG Ltd. developed its own source system for reactive power compensation, and a system for managing power consumption in the industry, public lighting and others. (For further details regarding this solution, please contact ATM BG Ltd.).


In cooperation with the renowned company "Podem Crane" from Bulgaria we offer:

  • Engineering, design, delivery of electrical equipment and installation of complete buildings.
  • Repair and service of existing buildings and replacement of old electrical equipment for a new one.